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ParTecs Zope/Plone Widgets and Modules
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ParTecs Zope/Plone Widgets and Modules


Enables you to write automated tests for emailing functionality.

Let us say that you have an application that includes an e-mail notification system. Essentially when certain application specific events happen, certain users are automatically notified by e-mail about these events. We have such an application and wanted to include the e-mail verification as part of the accepance test-suite.

Download TestableEmailer
Download PloneSkype
Version: 0.9.1
License: GNU GPL2

TestableEmailer is a product that grew out of this need. It is a thin wrapper around MailHost that allows for a "test mode". When this mode is turned on, rather than sending the mail through the Mail Host the product stores all the information in the email. This can be retrieved later and assertions made against what is expected from that e-mail.

TestableEmailer has been built using Five interfaces and views. It has been tested on Zope 2.8.6.



  1. Put this product in to products folder and restart the zope.
  2. From the ZMI, use the Add product dropdown and add "Testable Emailer"
  3. Make sure that a MailHost instance is present in the acquisition path of the TestableEmailer.

Features :

  1. See interfaces.py for the API
  2. See Contents tab in the ZMI for a dashboard view
  3. Uses Five interfaces and views
  4. tests folder contains unit tests

[Developed and tested on Zope 2.8.6 & Plone 2.1.2]



For more information on the product please send an email to "webcontact" followed by the sign "@" and the word "partecs.com".

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