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ParTecs Zope/Plone Widgets and Modules
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ParTecs Zope/Plone Widgets and Modules


PloneInvite is tool for Plone which allows portal members to invite new users to register into the portal. The portal administrator assigns the invite codes to the portal members and members can and these invite codes are used to send the invitation..


Download PloneInvite
Download PloneInvite
Version: 1.0.2
License: GNU GPL2


  1. Assign invites to the users.
  2. Admin can enforce email in the the invitation (invitee register with the same email address to which the invitation was sent )
  3. Expairy Date for the invitation
  4. Inviter can enforce email
  5. User can register only if they have the invitation code
  6. Manager can add users with out invitation code
  7. Customizable Invitation

How to Use:
For Portal Administrator

  1. Log in as portal administrator, go to Site Setup and click on Member Invites link.
  2. On this page you can give invites to other users and set the expiration
    period in days for the portal invites.

For Portal Member

  1. After logging in open invite link present just below search box.
  2. This page allows members to send invitations as well as see the status of
    their invitations.


  1. Customize PloneInvite/skins/invite_template.cpt in your Product folder to customize your portal Invitation template.
  2. Modify config.py to set the INVITE_EMAIL to the email address from which you want to send the email.


For commercial information on the product please mail to sales (at) partecs.com

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