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ParTecs Zope/Plone Widgets and Modules
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ParTecs Zope/Plone Widgets and Modules


PloneSkype takes communication on the plone platform beyond the asynchronous mode of email, discussion boards and blogs. PloneSkype allows the Plone portal members to communicate with other portal members via Skype.

Download PloneSkype
Download PloneSkype
Version: 1.0.2
License: GNU GPL2

Features :

  1. Portlet to display online users.
  2. Display the user status on the document created by him.
  3. Display online - status of the user when you visit his/her home folder.
  4. Option to set type of icons you would like to display for your site. Read in-line comment for possible values. *
  5. The portal member can choose not to display their online status to the portal members.
  6. Option to setup the refresh interval. Depending on the refresh interval set, the user status will get updated.

* Note : To change the icon type goto portal/portal_skype_tool.

Configuration :

  1. If you want your status to be shown in your plone site then you have to give your skype id and set show skype status option checked. You can do it from your personalize screen. To do this, from plone site goto preferences->Personal Preferences
  2. Apart from this you need to set "Allow my status to be shown on the web" from your skype client. To do this go to Tools->options->privacy
    Note: Only the skype- or above has this option.

Install :

  1. Put this product in to products folder and restart the zope.
  2. Install the product from portal_quickinstaller.

Requirements :

  1. Zope 2.8.1
  2. Plone 2.1.2

[Developed and tested on Zope 2.8.1 & Plone 2.1.2]

Skype is the trademark of Skype Limited. Plone is the trademark of Plone Foundation.



Click here to download patch file for PloneSkype 1.0.1 to fix the bug which used to crash the site if the document is created by Anonymous user

For commercial information on the product please mail to sales (at) partecs.com

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