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  Inter-Media Support

Based on communication tool availability, personal inclination or personal ability, each user can participate fully in PKBs and DDAs, via one or more of the following media: web, email, fax and regular paper mail.

In fact, at registration time - via post, fax, email or web - new users are asked to set their personal preferences, such as:

Choose one or more receiving media; with relative contact details for each, and frequency of reception of each fax, post and email Personalized Interactive Newsletter;
Choose one or more submitting media, and relative contact details for each (for authentication purposes);
Choose DDAs and PKBs to include in their fax, email or post PIN
· Also, they will set their: Preferred interface language, Spoken Languages, Thematic Areas of Interest, Geographical Areas of Interest, and more.

According to such preferences, users will then receive, fax, post and email Personalized Interactive Newsletters (PIN), on a daily, weekly, monthly or tri-monthly basis.

Each Personalized Interactive Newsletter will include, according to personal preferences, the latest information items and abstracts of given PKBs, including complete PKB Interactive Bulletins; as well as the latest drafts, amendments, and comments, and relative abstracts, of DDA Decision Items he has joined. Through the Interaction Forms attached to fax and post Newsletters, users can perform any of the functions available to web users, by checking the appropriate personalized check boxes and writing in special text input boxes with pen, pencil or typewriter. Users may then, periodically and timely, submit completed Interaction Forms, via fax or post. After the reception of Completed Interaction Forms, ParTecs™ manages the semi-automatic conversion of such forms into adequate structured digital data to be inserted in ParTecs™ database and then made available to all other users.

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