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  Inter-Language Support

All the modules of ParTecs™ support 2-way communication between different languages, allowing users to participate fully, using the language(s) they know.
Considering the high cost of manual translations, and the current imperfect state of software-only translation systems, ParTecs SRL has developed an Automated Translations Workflow Management module that provides for an optimal allocation of limited available translation funds, by the automatic selection, dispatching and management of translation jobs.

In practice, all submitted text items will immediately be prioritized for translation quality level 1, 2 or 3, according to the following parameters maintained by the DDA and PKB Administrators:

Fixed or maximum translations budget for that specific DDA or PKB.
The Relevance and/or approval assigned to each item through their direct rating by other users of the same language sub-group.
Specific documents types or specific authors that are set to automatically trigger a translation request of a given translation quality level.

In detail, the different translation quality levels consist of:

Professional Manual Translations (2-8 hours): executed manually through a web form by a paid Professional Translator Group, by a professional translation service, by the author himself or by an organization volunteer; and checked off by a member of a Translation Quality Assurance Group
Quick Manual Translation (2-6 hours). Members of the Professional Translator Group or the Translation Quality Assurance Group will provide for a quick check and correction of software-based translations.
Automatic Software Translations (few seconds). Items will be processed and translated through a self-learning advanced software-based translation system.

Both Professional Translator Group and Translation Quality Assurance Group may be managed by ParTecs SRL Translation Management Service, by The Customer or by a third-party organization.

A Main Administrator may decide how much the organization wishes to spend every month on translation services for each DDA or PKB space. On the basis of such monthly budgets, our application will then classify the various texts as texts of priority 1, 2 or 3, thus ensuring that the limited funds for translation are not exceeded.

Further, DDA Decision Items may be configured so that the outcome of the deliberative discussion is made of multiple versions more official languages.

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