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ParTecs Zope/Plone Widgets and Modules

ParTecs 2.0
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  Features at a Glance
Networking: Co-create and co-manage Workgroups or Forums; Evolve discussion into deliberative Workgroups; Search partners and members by location, interest and profile.
Consensus Building: General consensus building; Co-organize audio or live meetings; Self-Polling and Deliberative Polling.
Deliberation: Co-manage complex multi-Phase Drafting Processes; Fine-grained configuration at the phase level; Manage templates of Resolution types; Setups for majority, supermajority and unanimous decisions; Supports all preference conversions methods.
Information Sharing: Share text, audio, video with peers; Co-manage web-based Libraries of text, audio and video items; Co-manage Newsletters in web, post, fax, email formats; Co-manage personal or collective Multimedia Blogs.
Inter-Language: Users speaking different languages can communicate effectively and optimises limited translation resources through an integrated Automated Translations Workflow Module.
Inter-Media: Users can fully participate Our Media Conversion Wor Module ensures that users can fully participate in deliberative processes and information exchanges, whatever the media they prefer or is available to them at a given moment: web, fax, post , email or telephone.
Actions: Co-create and co-manage Campaigns; Co-create and co-manage Petitions.
INTEGRATION WITH LIVE MEETINGS: Co-decide place, time and agenda of live meetings; Submit and integrate transcripts: text, video and audio; Effectively prepare for and follow up to live meetings.
Integration With Email: Full participation offline, through any IMAP-enabled email client; Internal Messaging with sophisticated email forwarding.
Integration With Telephone: Submit preferences, drafts and comments via any telephone; Co-decide time, date and agenda for audio-conferences.

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