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ParTecs Zope/Plone Widgets and Modules

ParTecs 2.0
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Representativity Profiling

Through this optional functionality, ParTecs™ may be easily configured to enable networks, confederation and federations to self-aggregate and self-manage their communication, decision-making and constituent processes; or to be coordinated by a reference public institution, meta-organisation or “umbrella” organization.

It enables DDAs and PKBs to “democratic weight” the contributions and voting of each organisation and each representative according to their approximate representativity and accountability credentials.

  Internal Electronic Mail

Each user has an internal email address, through which he or she can maintain intense and open communication with the other users with no risk of overloading his or her personal electronic mailbox.

The user may configure his or her internal mail address, and forward certain messages to his or her personal or professional email address, on the basis of self-configured parameters and filters. These filters can be based on relationships with the sender, key words or other parameters.

Security and Privacy Features

Our platform supports, through ParTecs™ client-side components, processes and arrangements, various levels of security and privacy levels for all the media interfaces it supports, including mission-critical and e-voting security. Security levels may be set on the base of each single DDA.

A detailed ParTecs™ Security Overview document is available upon request to qualified prospective clients.

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