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May 12th, 2006

ParTecs and Partners co-design Revolutionary Deliberation Tools

Between May 2nd and May 9th 2006, ParTecs - Participative Technologies undertook a public design process, organized to co-design two highly innovative consensus-building software tools. These will be independent, but highly integrated tools which will be developed from existing code bases, over the next 2-4 months, by ParTecs Bangalore Office and a small number of technical consultants.

An official Invitation was issued and accepted by world-class researchers, practitioners, IT architects and academics to create a revolutionary tool which will be freely accessible and modifiable to all. PloneConsensus (GPLv3) and OpenConsensus (GPLv3 and Partecs license) will create a new way to undertake group deliberation: after being composed by one or few initial authors, an initial draft of a major document (such as a mission statement, budget, statute, legislation, etc) is presented for discussion and deliberation to a group of 8-20 or 40-100 geographically-dispersed users. These users strive, over a period of weeks or a few months, including in-person or video/audio-conferencing sessions to attain the required or desired level of consensus on such document.

Being free software, every line of code and software documentation produced during this 4-month period and within the Design Session will be released in a website for the community with all the right of every user (even web users) to immediately be able to download the code.

Partners which have accepted and participated in this open design process are:

  • Mako Benjamin Hill, Boston, USA
    MIT Media Lab Research in co-authoring technology, and formerly staff #1 at ParTecs
  • Todd Davies, Stanford, USA
    Associate Director and Lecturer - Symbolic Systems Program of Stanford University
  • Orion Montoya, New York, USA
    Lead developer of the STET sofwtare tool, currently used to handle the public comment process for the upcoming GNU GPL 3.0.
  • Giorgio Viezzoli, Rome, Italy.
    Till 11-2005 Americas CEO of 3rd largest video-conferencing equipment company in the world, Aethra
  • Rasmus Tenbergen, Bonn, Germany.
    Harvard-graduated negotiation expert and ICT-enable decision making researcher

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