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Training Services

ParTecs provides professional Training in Zope, Plone and Python to individuals as well as organisations.

Training Schedule
Program Starting from Duration
Python July 7, 2006 3 Days
Plone August 2, 2006 3 Days
Zope September 6, 2006 3 Days
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Who should attend

This Training is appropriate for Senior Software Developers, Technical Architects, Tech Leads working on various Web Technologies to explore newer, better technologies. Also, Team Leads, Project Managers, CTOs of software companies could extract valuable inputs for their strategic decisions concerning the development platforms.

Program : Zope Professional Training
Duration: From September 6 - September 8, 3 Days
Course Content
Topics Covered

Introduction to Zope
Getting started with Zope
Building Dynamic web pages
Web Forms
Building Advanced Dynamic Web Pages
Zope and Databases
Searching and Indexing
Python Scripting in Zope
Installation and Administration

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What is Zope?

Zope application server is very sturdy development platform with object publishing capabilities, inbuilt security features, web based management interface and an inbuilt object oriented DBMS. Zope solutions have been deployed by many large organizations like NASA, NATO, Yahoo INC., etc.  Official Website

Program : Plone Training
Duration: From August 2 - August 4, 3 Days
Course Content
Topics Covered

Introduction to Content Management
Introduction to Plone
Installing Plone
Adding and Editing Content
Simple Customisations
Advanced Customisation using Templating
Advanced Customisation using Scripting
Customising the look and feel
Security and Users
Roles and Permissions
Introduction to Document Workflow
Managing Workflow
Integrating with Other Systems
Modifying basic Content Types
Writing new Content Types and Products
Administering Plone

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What is Plone?

Plone is an out-of-the-box ready content management system that is built on the powerful and free Zope Application server. It requires minimal effort to set up, is deeply flexible, and provides you with a system for managing web content that is ideal for project groups, communities and intranets. Official Website


Program : Python Training
Duration : From July 5 - July 7, 3 Days
Course Content
Topics Covered

Introduction to Python
Using the Python Interpreter
More Control Flow Tools
Data Structures
Input and Output
Errors and Exceptions
Brief Tour of the Standard Library

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What is Python?

Python is an interpreted, interactive, object-oriented programming language. Python combines remarkable power with very clear syntax. It has modules, classes, exceptions, very high level dynamic data types, and dynamic typing. Official Website


Program Python Zope Plone
Training type Individual Corporate
For more information please send an email to "webcontact" followed by the sign "@" and the word "partecs.com".

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