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Consulting Services

ParTecs is an industry leader in Open-Source-based Business Solutions.

Thanks to its continuous engagement in Product Development involving multiple releases, ParTecs has a wealth of knowledge in the following domains:

Content Management Systems
Community Portals
Web-based applications
Communications software and protocols
Intranets and Extranets

In all the above domains, we have built or customized solutions, Open-Source and Proprietary, on various technologies and platforms.

ParTecs handles customization, integration, deployment, hosting, development, data migration, training, support and module extensions related to Open Source Platform mainly built upon Zope, the most widespread software application server and development framework available today under FLOSS license.

For companies aiming for optimum leverage from technology in securing business goals, ParTecs provides consulting services to help them determine the strategy most suitable to their industry and their business environment. These include benchmarking of current systems and processes, gap analysis, drafting of a future technology roadmap, determination of systems and applications to outsource, and improvement of their internal processes.

ParTecs develops innovative business solutions to help customers solve unique business challenges, design a strong foundation, and develop an effective plan for their business.

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