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A Leading e-Commerce Shop in Denmark

One of our major clients is a Danish e-Commerce web shop, which has been gaining success for 5 years now. This web shop, which deals exclusively with home improvement appliances, has grown from a few hundred products to over 20,000 at present. The individual categories e.g. tap or toilets, used to make it very cumbersome for users and consumers to select what was needed.

The primary purpose of this project dealt with making it easy for the customers to find what they needed and enhance the efficiency of sales.

To meet this requirement, we used an advanced rank based indexing system for the database. Additionally customizable filters for the search results were implemented. The administrator’s interface was considerably extended with the addition of template-based emails for order tracking. Minor features included sessions shopping cart storage, print CSS (cascading style sheets) and spell check. The data was also migrated from the organization’s Berkley DB to PostgreSQL to make the application more scalable.

A Leading Textile Vendor in the US

A leading textile group in the United States is our client.

We were responsible for providing them with the intranet site for their Sales/Support personnel. The project also dealt with migrating content from Plone 2.0 to Plone 2.1. We also worked with the site graphic designer to bring advanced web 2.0 technologies into site.

The Leadership Foundation for Higher Education

The Leadership Foundation provides a dedicated service of support and advice on leadership, governance and management for all the UK's universities and Higher Education colleges.

Partecs offered the services of Content migration and upgradation to their new design. The website is built on Plone.

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